A brief overview of our company is attached (Corporate Presentation). More detailed information on each of our programs can be accessed through the "Out-Licensing" page.

Guilford is a pharmaceutical company targeting the hospital and neurology markets and we will consider a broad range of strategic alliances with third parties to advance our business. If you would like to explore possibilities regarding a joint venture, strategic collaboration or similar relationship, please contact any member of our partnering team:

Anne M. Derrick
Manager, Business Development
Phone: (410) 631-6316
Fax: (410) 631-6819
Email: derricka@guilfordpharm.com

Rachel Joseph
Associate Director, Business Development
Phone: (410) 631-8501
Fax: (410) 631-6819
Email: josephr@guilfordpharm.com

Kelly Lehr
Senior Administrative Assistant
Phone: (410) 631-6458
Fax: (410) 631-6819
Email: lehrk@guilfordpharm.com

Thomas C. Seoh
SVP, Corporate & Commercial Development
Phone: (410) 631-6441
Fax: (410) 631-6819
Email: seoht@guilfordpharm.com

Russell P. Wesdyk
VP, Business Development
Phone: (410) 631-6340
Fax: (410) 631-6819
Email: wesdykr@guilfordpharm.com

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