Quan Xin, Scientist II
I joined Guilford a little over 2 years ago and currently work on our AQUAVAN™ Injection project team, overseeing the analytical activities for AQUAVAN™ and interacting with and supporting other functional groups. I wanted to work for a dynamic and growing company like Guilford for the opportunity to expand my responsibilities and participate in a fast-paced, challenging work environment. I derive a lot of gratification knowing that my personal contribution is making an important impact on the growth and success of the company.

Sergei Belyakov, Senior Scientist
I came to America from Ukraine, where I taught at the University and conducted research in synthetic organic chemistry. I have been with Guilford for four years now, and still enjoy the intensity and daily challenge of my work. I also enjoy working with a heterogeneous group of people with highly diverse cultural and professional backgrounds. I like to have ambitious goals that are achieved and recognized, and I appreciate that Guilford shares this philosophy.

Krystyna Wozniak, Senior Scientist
I started working at Guilford in 1997 in the NAALADase Research program. Before joining Guilford, I worked at NIH (within NIMH and NIAAA) for almost 8 years on a temporary exchange visitor visa. Having worked in government and academia I was interested in joining the pharmaceutical industry. I interviewed at Guilford and was very impressed to discover this young, dynamic biopharmaceutical company. I was also impressed by the level of motivation and enthusiasm demonstrated by Guilford employees. The people here at Guilford are respected and regarded as members of the big Guilford 'family', which fosters an incredible team spirit! I think this is because the well-being and happiness of every employee at Guilford seems to be an important part of the big picture. I have often seen Guilford accommodate employees' individual and changing needs, when the circumstances arise.

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