Guilford has aggressively and systematically obtained patents for its most significant discoveries and established in-house Intellectual Property (IP) expertise that is normally found only in much larger pharmaceutical companies. To date, Guilford’s patent portfolio now encompasses more than 140 issued U.S. patents and over 700 U.S. and foreign patent applications. This is testimony to the importance Guilford places on securing the broadest possible IP protection for our discoveries.

Nancy Linck,
SVP, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Technology Applications Pending Patents Issued
Polymer Drug Delivery 13 34
FKBP-Neuroimmunophilin Ligands 33 65
NAALADase Inhibitors 10 38
PARP Inhibitors 10 17
AQUAVAN® Injection 5 1
Other 14 18

Numbers above indicate United States patents only in select technologies.

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