Guilford Pharmaceuticals Inc. was founded in July 1993 by Scios Nova Inc., Dr. Solomon H. Snyder and Dr. Craig R. Smith to discover and develop novel pharmaceutical and biopolymer-based products that are intended to offer new and better treatments for serious medical conditions like Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, cancer and diabetic peripheral neuropathy. To focus its efforts, the company has developed two innovative technology platforms that have already spawned one commercial product and more than half a dozen novel product candidates.

Guilford Pharmaceuticals Inc. is incorporated in Delaware and is listed on the Nasdaq stock market under the symbol "GLFD". The Company's corporate headquarters is located at 6611 Tributary Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21224. The general corporate telephone number is (410) 631-6300. The general corporate fax number is (410) 631-6338.

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